Art Trial

We encourage our clients to take home one or multiple artworks for free for a period of maximum seven days. This will help you see the artworks in their final enviroment without the need to buy them first.

Art Consultation

Looking for a painting of a very specific size and color? Need help incorporating the right art into your office space? We will find the appropriate solution. The Kunstwarenhaus offers artwork delivery, placement and professional installation (free art consultation at your office or home and free proposal with photos of the artworks and placement suggestions). New art arrives weekly. All artists and artworks featured on our website are currently exhibited or stored at the Kunstwarenhaus GmbH in Zuerich. An even wider selection of artists and artworks are exhibited at the gallery. The artist pages on our website are updated daily.

Customized Art

You discovered a painting you like but the size or color does not match your needs? Your favorite painting is already sold? No problem: customized art is available by a few of our artists. Please fill out our contact form, call us or e-mail us at with the artist name and the desired shape, size or color of the artwork you are interested in.


The Kunstwarenhaus ships artworks worldwide. Usually shipping costs are less than 100 CHF for international shipment and less than 35 CHF for national delivery. But the Kunstwarenhaus GmbH also offers to bring a selection of artworks to your home or office in the Zuerich area to determine which artworks look best in your surroundings.

Art Rental

Rent exciting art to enhance your corporate or residential environment. The Kunstwarenhaus helps organizations of any size to easily and quickly enliven their work or home environment with original art at affordable rates. Inspire your team, impress your clients and reinforce your brand values with fabulous art. The rental conditions for private use are as desribed below (terms and conditions for artwork cleared for Film, Television and other staging differ!):