The little things in life

Martina Niederhauser


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Martina Niederhauser

Martina Niederhauser-Landtwing often considers her work to be like a diary written in a variety of colors and emotions.
She draws her inspiration from daily life as well as from the past, especially from her six eventful years as a Swiss woman in Shanghai and Chicago. She loves to paint people and chooses very specific motifs, which are often related to her own life in their emotional expression.
Her drawings are drawn on old music notes or book pages. She prefers paper from all over the world because of its aged character. The motif is applied with acrylic paint with very fine pens and brushes. Framed with watercolors or gouache and sometimes pastels, ink colors, watercolor pencils, oil pastels and oil paint come into play and give the work an additional vivid color nuance. Martina also loves to create large-format works on canvas or on wooden bodies. There she uses all kinds of patterns for the background, paints over them several times with acrylic paint, glues the book pages page by page on the background and paints the motif directly on the glued book pages with acrylic paint and very fine pencils. At the very end all her works are always sealed with Fine-Art Finishing Varnish UV Spray.
The 42-year-old is a full-time artist with her own studio in Lungern and lives with her husband and 14-year-old daughter in Sarnen.
""Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration" I love how this quote confirms that everyone can become excellent through hard work in the things they invest their time and heart in", says Martina Niederhauser-Landtwing.

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