One Way Love

Amber Goldhammer


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United States

102.0 x 76.0 cm


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Amber Goldhammer

Amber Goldhammer is best known for creating vibrant, abstract paintings, sometimes with a street art edginess. She originally started painting with pigments, powders, and waxes and went on to experimenting with different mediums and processes to keep evolving her artworks.

Building upon layers of bold colors and sweeping gestural movements, her newest work includes positive messages of love and hope, written in a graffiti-style script. The new mixed media series is a testament to Amber’s own emotive interpretation of the ebb and flow of her life’s experiences.

With ongoing concurrent exhibitions in galleries throughout the United States and Switzerland, Amber has also shown her works at major international art fairs. Her artworks have been showcased in print and online publications, and on such TV series as “Million Dollar Listing,” “Being Mary Jane,” “The Catch” as well as both multi-Emmy® nominated series, “Crazy Ex- Girlfriend”, and “Scandal.” Goldhammer’s art is also featured on one of Netflix’s best original series, “G.L.O.W.”

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