Evelyn Dönicke


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100.0 x 100.0 cm


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Evelyn Dönicke

Evelyn Dönicke was born in 1967 and a graduate of the Kunstgewerbeschule Basel. She is currently based in Basel, and works as a freelance painter and drawing teacher.

"At the moment I mainly work with acrylic. I use a mixed technique of collage, paint layering, filling, tar, graphite, sand, etc. I experiment, layer by layer to create a space that reflects depth and width, creating proximity and distance. Often my handwriting or printed materials support the content of the picture. Sometimes I also incorporate mysterious signs into the picture obviously or ambiguously. It is important for me that my paintings stimulate the imagination and leave them open to interpretation by the viewer, regardless of what I have brought into my story. Of course, when I paint, I create a dialogue with myself and want to capture the personal message, the inner tension. For me, the imagination is thus made concrete and brought into matter. This creates an impression based on color, technique, and form. Different states come apart and merge with each other: the statics merge into movement, the movement ends again in statics; in this way a work is created in many layers. "

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