KWH 235

Bernhard Zimmer


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120.0 x 130.0 cm


In Showroom in Zuerich

CHF 3,400

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Bernhard Zimmer

Born in Stuttgart in 1957, Bernhard Zimmer studied cultural studies from 1978 to 1984 in Hildesheim. Zimmer has shown his artwork in exhibitions in Hanover, Munich, Düsseldorf, Basel, Ghent, Singapore, etc. Zimmer has succeeded in attracting attention at trade fairs (Art Basel, Kunst Köln, etc.). Through his lively and mysterious compositions and execution, he has garnered interest from serious collectors. At first glance, Bernhard Zimmer's paintings appear abstract, like meditative, object-free still lifes or depopulated landscapes. Only those who let themselves be tempted by the dance of strange forms, the finely structured and shimmering surfaces (in which text fragments can be discovered), by the flooding colors and their subtle relationships, discover that the images are full of life. They work from the depth of the picture, making a kind of ontology of the living perceptible in open space. In some works, hundreds of small squares stick together, held in spectral colors and vibrate in their colors.

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