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Carl Smith


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United States

90.0 x 180.0 cm


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CHF 3,000

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Carl Smith

Carl Smith was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As his parents ran a gallery, he was introduced to the arts at an early age. Smith has experimented with various artistic techniques such as ceramics, photography, stonework, painting, printmaking, and music. Since 2001, he has been living and working in Berlin. Smith has exhibited his work in France, Germany, Norway, Holland, USA, and England, either in solo exhibitions or as a member of a four man team called TABI (Tesuque Art Barn International). He combines his own photographic material with drawings and other fragments of narrative imagery. He works with several layout combinations before creating a finished image. From this image, he selects and transmits specific parts onto a canvas in a screen printing process and further completes his works with oil paint.

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