Geeta II

Nando Kallweit


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Nando Kallweit

German sculptor Nando Kallweit works with bronze and oak. When he was young, he was inspired by a bust of Nerfertiti that he saw in the Egyptian Museum of Berlin. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, he was able to travel to Egypt and see his inspiration in person.

His work is created using the “lost wax process,” wherein a cast is made and the bronze is poured into the cast. This process allows for the artist to create intricate and finely detailed sculptures. Kallweit works both in large and small scale, and has created installations that are full immersive.

Kallweit is inspired by seemingly disparate cultures. The strength of ancient Egyptian sculptures, the dynamic forms of the modern Cubist movement, and an observation of contemporary life are all seen in aspects of his sculptures. Combined with a considerate approach, Kallweit renders archaic materials, such as blackened oak and bronze, with a palpable sensitivity.

Kallweit’s work has been exhibited across Europe and in the United States. He has work in several permanent collections.

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