Die rote Zora

Karin Hofer


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Karin Hofer

Karin Hofer was born in in Burgdorf, Switzerland. She attended the School of Design in Bern, completing her education in writing and advertising.

She picked up a chainsaw for the first time in 2012. She remembers first noticing how the awkward tool made a delicate filigree pattern in the wood. She was fascinated. At the sculpture school Scuola di Scultura in Peccia, she refined the use of the chain saw and developed new more figural forms. Since then, the human figure is at the center of her work. She works consciously with only the chainsaw, no regrinding, no subsequent processing with the "Stechbeutel" ect. She uses the chain saw as a dynamic working instrument, giving the typical surface a new structure. Adding paint at the end to emphasize the subtle detail brings the forms to life.

"Drawing, sketching and painting are as much part of my life as air is part of breathing. At the School of Design in Berne, I worked out the basics of colour and form as a graduate type designer. Courses such as nude drawing, figurative drawing and illustration with the human being sharpened my view for proportions, perspective and three-dimensionality. I have been working with the chainsaw since 2012. Working out a filigree form from the wood with the coarse tool fascinates me. I work with the chain saw, as this dynamic tool allows a fast and dynamic operation. It's like three-dimensional sketching."

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