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Fredi Gertsch


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Fredi Gertsch

Born in the fish, live for the cow.

Born a Pisces in 1952, Fredi Gertsch became a swimmer, physical education teacher, computer scientist - but above all is the father of three boys. Unlike his children, his doodles, bedtime stories, and daydreams have never grown up.

Today Gertsch trains his imagination in the studio, inventing new images every day. He knows no limits in his craft, however the central theme of his work is the cow. Gertsch had his first exhibition as a freelance artist in Hamburg. Cows, calves, and bulls have long been grazing over the Emmental valley--where Fredi Gertsch has been living with his wife Marianne for 35 years--and through Gertsch's paintings, they move into urban apartments, holiday homes, and all the way to South America, Asia and the USA.

Gertsch says “Because of my worldwide collectors, my cattle are the happiest Emmentaler cows - hardly born, they stagger on to the biggest pastures in the world." His collectors all agree "It must be a kind person who paints such 'lovable cows ..."

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