ARTIST | Martina Niederhauser

Martina Niederhauser

"I see the canvas as a diary written in colors" Martina's works are acrylic and ink paintings on a highly textured patterned background using vintage bookpages, newspaper and sheet music, a medium. She prefers due to the aged character of old paper from all over the world. Her major themes are life, emotions, feelings, relationships, moments and events that impact her inspiration. Her paintings are collected throughout the World, and can be found in many public, corporate and private collections. Martina Niederhauser is a full time artist. She had her studio 3 years in Shanghai where she studied traditional chinese Ink technique and caligrafy from 2005 – 2008. From 2010 – 2013 she studied mixed media (acrylic, encaustic, ink and oil) technique while living in Chicago. Now she is based in Sarnen, Switzerland with her husband and her 12 year old daughter.
“"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration" I love how this quote reinforces that anyone, through hard work, can become excellent at the thing they’re investing their time and heart in.”