ARTIST | Giuseppe Beddru

Giuseppe Beddru

Giuseppe Beddru is an Italian autodidactic artist, originally from Sicily. He spent his first years of creative work in Argentina, where as a painter he was influenced by traditional Greek art. He focused his attention especially on the beauty and volume of human bodies. In his works of art, consisting of Plexiglas panels, he brings these elements together through a palette of energetic colors and Mediterranean textures, breathing life into the bodies.

Beddru's unmistakable approach to painting awakens memories and experiences from a state of apparent sleep and conveys them to the present day, when the viewer discovers his unconventional art world. He does not paint to change the world, but the way we look at it. Painting becomes a medium to represent his visions and convictions. A means to portray humanity in a variety of interpretations, from joy to sorrow. Because all emotions deserve to be portrayed. His brushes break social conventions and direct our attention to the essential: the human being in his entirety.