ARTIST | Edith Schuler

Edith Schuler

Edith Schuler was born in 1960 in Rothenthurm. Schuler's work reflects the decades-long struggle for growth and existence, characterized by the safeguarding and protection of the population, nature and the environment, that took place in the small mountain village - the so-called "Turä" - in the 1970s and 1980s.

Schuler, who has lived in Wollerau for two decades, has devoted herself to the topic of daily interaction. In her body of work--which includes texts, objects, pictures, and installations--she searches in a playful and serious way for what is truly given. The artist loves silence, simplicity, and nature, and enjoys encounters of movement and sensory experience.

Schuler treats her works as she wishes, as inspired by her mood. She brushes, scratches, scrapes, grinds and strokes - perhaps pleasurably and with a happy heart, sometimes grumpy and timid - driven by the desire to seduce the viewer, to touch one's neighbor, to name nameless things, to recognize the unknown, and finally to find what makes "us" happy and happy.